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Einbender Studios is happy to introduce the first bags in the new Plant Pursona Purse Line. Since I have been studying herbology for the last eight years, these images are particularly dear to my heart. In the rest of my work I have focused on the face as a way of connecting to our shared humanity. Now, to survive as one planet, we humans must affirm our connection to all of the beings within the intricate web of life. With this in mind, I have taken the liberty of emphasizing that aspect of the plants that gives them attitude and heart. The Poppy Bud particularly lends itself to this- if you have ever seen a patch of poppies before they open they appear to be chattering and nodding to each other like a bunch of old girlfriends. I chose the dandelion to highlight our loss of connection to the healing nature of the plant world. Although Dandelion is one of our most despised weeds, she is one of the most beloved healing herbs. Every part of the Dandelion has healing properties- root, leaf flower and stalk, acting on almost every major system of the body including liver, digestion, circulatory lymph, urinary, glandular, and skin.

Both # 26, the Poppy Bud and #27, the Dandelion are 7" by 9.5"- the same size as #2, the large profile. I am experimenting with a different flap concept- a rolled edge, a little more organic, in going with the botanical theme. Those of you who have ordered the slide bags with lid "hats"or the new glasses case size (#6) are familiar with the rolled edge.

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